Bi-Directional Amplifiers

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs)

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs) are signal boosters that sustain two-way radio communications throughout a facility, including stairwells, underground tunnels, parking garages, and other challenging areas. BDAs are amplifiers/repeaters that boost and distribute a signal covering various frequencies. BDAs can be part of a Distributed Antenna System (DAS), which is a network of separate antenna nodes connected to a common transport medium. These two-way radio signal boosters are used to bring facilities into compliance with Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) code.

Schools/universities and high-rise towers are two examples of buildings that would qualify for BDA.

Who Needs a BDA System?

Many locations now require Public Safety DAS and BDA installations within new buildings and as part of renovation permits or inspection certifications. DAS and BDA systems benefit first responders to maintain constant communications in emergency situations, or to improve collaboration during normal operations for building management and maintenance. Variables such as building materials, dead spots, and signal interference offer challenges. BLTI has the experience and training of installing in-building wireless signal boosters to meet our customer's needs.

BLTI offers its customers:

  • Signal survey
  • Customized designs
  • Code Compliance
  • Quality installation
  • Honeywell BDA System

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